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Running to Stop the Traffik is an international youth movement aimed at combating human trafficking worldwide. Since 2010, we have engaged more than 1,500,000 young people in the fight against modern-day slavery, and have raised more thanUS$300,000 for grassroots anti-slavery charities in the process.

This year, our flagship event, The 24 Hour Race, will take place from the 15th to 16th of November concurrently in three cities: Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The Hong Kong race, situated at The Peak, will challenge 600 youth runners, as well as over 200 student volunteers, from over 25 local and international secondary schools to run for the freedom of others. In teams of 7 or 9, they will race around the 3.2km track for 24 successive hours, a daring feat that pushes both physical and mental limits and ignites a burning passion for the cause. We facilitate fundraising by empowering young people to utilize endurance as the currency of philanthropy. In doing so, participants engage and educate their peers and local communities in the cause, shedding light on a global issue of increasing relevance and urgency. 

Our fundraising goal for the Hong Kong Race this year is HK$ 2 million, the bulk of which will be raised by race runners through their friends, families, and associates. As a commitee member of the race, I also have a responsibility to raise funds to ensure the planning I have done with my co-workers can come to fruition. RTST is a non-profit organisation, and all excess funds will be donated to our beneficiary charities through our charity partner The Mekong Club once costs have been covered. Partner beneficiaries include Freedom Matters, APLE Cambodia, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, HOME and SUKA Society.

I strongly believe this cause is of the greatest importance and I’m proud to have dedicated a large majority of my time and effort into making sure the race and it’s potential impact to become a reality. I urge you to consider supporting the movement that not only combats one of the most pressing global issues today but also seeks to empower young people as agents of social change.

My online donation site is the URL given. 

Thank you so much for your time and greatly appreciated generosity. I can’t wait for this race!

Even if you’re not in the position to donate, please reblog so that other people who might be in a giving position to become aware of this!